Kayla Nichols

Kayla Nichols

Kayla has a brand new media project with Digit Trigger!  She is coming on The Sports Offensive on March 16th to tell us all about it.  Check out the commercial video below!!






Kayla, is 27, and can be found in the woods or on the waters of Middle Tennessee. Kayla’s passion for hunting and outdoors started at the age of 5 when her family started taking her along on morning hunts and fishing trips. She has spent endless hours in the woods hunting turkey and deer and applies the knowledge gained from each experience to be more successful the next time she walks in.









Kayla believes that land management and playing the wind are the keys to successful hunting season. Kayla also enjoys bass fishing and participates in benefit tournaments in her area. Kayla also spends time on the water bow fishing and has been devoted to furthering the livelihood of game fish while she enjoys the hunt since she was introduced to the sport a few years ago.











There isn’t much that she won’t hunt with over 10 species she hunts consistently every year! Kayla is the Director of Pricing at a logistics company full time. She enjoys spending her free time riding horses or spending time with family, friends and her animals.














Two 150 + bucks
Biggest turkey 10 inch beard with inch 1/2 spurs
Biggest boar 470 lbs
5 smallmouth catches over 5lbs
Biggest smallmouth 6.2 lbs
Biggest fish bowfishing 38 lbs





Kayla’s first The Sports Offensive interview!: