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Abrianna Davis

Abrianna Davis








Abrianna has always had a passion for the game growing up at the ball field with her older brother; the sport has always been a family tradition. She travels to several different locations playing for her team as well as playing with other teams in the Tennessee area who need a substitutes.






















Abrianna loves to make new friends as she travels the state playing softball. She likes to play at all skill levels and even outside her age ranking. She practices pitching for at least 1 hour each day working on the spin of her 3 pitches and mechanics.


















She has several great accomplishments since starting the sport; she pitched in a world series tournament as an 8 year old pitching to girls as old as 11 years, the only team having a pitcher that young and along with her teammates they finished a strong 7th against so very great teams from all over the US. Traveling often, she faces challenges and has had late nights getting homework after practices and games, still maintains great grades and knows school and academics is the most important.











She finished the fall season with a .609 batting average with 69 at bats 39 hits and only 8 strike outs.  But Abrianna is about the name on the front, not the name on the back, and the most important aspect of the game for her is teamwork. She also loves showing Pitt Bulls/ American Bullies in the show ring with her limited spare time.