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NFL Divisional Round of the Playoffs…
LeBron to miss at least 3 more games…

The Sports Offensive Wildcard and National Championship Predictions

National Championship:

JP 31-28 Clemson
Marc 30-26 Alabama
Nate 30-24 Alabama

Wildcard Matchups:

Raiders at Texans

JP 14-10 Raiders
Marc 17-14 Houston
Nate 16-13 Houston

Lions at Seahawks

JP 24-17 Seahawks
Marc 24-21 Seahawks
Nate 24-21 Lions

Dolphins at Pittsburgh

JP 31-14 Steelers
Marc 24-17 Steelers
Nate 27-17 Steelers

Giants at Packers

JP 27-21 Packers
Marc 27-17 Giants
Nate 31-24 Packers