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Marcadimus is a California native that came to Colorado for school and never left. An avid writer, fantasy player and gamer, Marcadimus is an alum of local CU Boulder and moved to Colorado during baseball’s greatest year, 1998. He has worked on Mt. Crested Butte, The North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and loves to travel. He loves the Buffs, Broncos, Nuggets, Dodgers and Rockies. He might be great at playing craps, or that might just be what he hopes you will believe.








JP hails from Pennsylvania and is all homer and not afraid to say it! He bleeds Eagle green, Penn State blue, Phillies Red, and Flyers love. An accomplished restaurant manager and lacrosse commentator and producer, JP will play any sport his knees still let him. There is a rumor he likes Jameson, though we aren’t sure if he is referring to the drink, or the stripper at Shotgun Willies.












Natedogg is from the Black Hills of South Dakota, a sought after executive chef, and somehow a Twins fan.  When not opening new franchise fine dining establishments he uses his golf scholarship to hustle players at the Links.  Check out his Gambling Corner to swell your Bovada bank account!












JoJo “War Drummer” Mares is from TBC, and is the latest addition to The Radio Offensive station.  Check out his show,    “A Cup of JoJo . . . War Drummer Ways!”